Jobs and the Economy

In Congress, Janice’s top priority is getting our economy moving again and creating well-paying jobs in California. As a member of the Small Business Committee, Janice is working to ensure that local small businesses get the help and opportunities they need to flourish in a global economy. As the founder and chair of the Ports Caucus, she is working to expand and upgrade the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, to create jobs and strengthen our regional economy.

Janice is working to pass new tax incentives that will foster innovation, encourage businesses to make new hires, and attract investment in local industry. She authored H.R. 3836, the “SBA Loan Paperwork Reduction Act of 2012,” that would make permanent the SBA’s Small Loan Advantage Program, reducing the application for certain loans to just two pages. She is helping to make sure Congress listens to small businesses about challenges they face every day and address their concerns in Washington.

Janice is also fighting to protect programs that benefit those who have been hardest hit by the recession, like extended unemployment benefits while the economy continues to recover. We need to ensure that those who have lost their jobs aren’t left behind, so Janice is working to expand job-training programs for workers who have been displaced and to help integrate these workers into our new economy.