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Press-Telegram: Janice Hahn for re-election to Congress: Endorsements

By most measures, the South Bay and Long Beach congressional district elections on the Nov. 4 ballot are not seriously competitive.

Traditionally Democratic, the districts are mostly occupied by incumbents with long ties to the community who vote largely along party lines.

The names are familiar: Congress members Maxine Waters, Janice Hahn, Alan Lowenthal, Lucille Roybal Allard and Linda Sanchez. All have made strong strides in their districts, but with partisan gridlock so entrenched, it’s difficult for any member of Congress to make a mark immediately. It’s all about the long haul.

The lone newcomer in the area will be in the 33rd Congressional District, where after four decades Rep. Henry Waxman is retiring. Waxman was so effective in part because he understood that issues took years, not terms, to address, and he was tireless. California Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, and Deputy District Attorney Elan Carr, the Republican candidate, are in a fight for the seat but Lieu is favored to win.

This editorial board endorsed Lieu because of his long service and deep understanding of the area. He is independent enough not to always vote with his party.

The board interviewed the newest congressional representatives and arrived at these endorsements:

JANICE HAHN IN THE 44TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT: Janice Hahn has been a U.S. representative since 2011, when she was put into office through a special election to represent an area that runs from South Gate to San Pedro. She deserves another term.

Her most significant effort has been to create a national port caucus that, although largely symbolic, is a smart way for her to build up allies in a divisive atmosphere. The big question, and one she has dodged, is whether she will abandon her post to run for her father’s old seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors when it becomes open in 2016.



Begins Airing Television Ad Titled, “Getting Things Done,” for Re-Election Campaign

SAN PEDRO, CA— Today, United States Representative Janice Hahn launched a new television ad for her re-election campaign for California’s 44th district.

The ad, titled “Getting Things Done,” underscores Rep. Janice Hahn’s experience of working with both parties in Washington to deliver results for the people she represents. Whether it’s serving on the Small Business Committee, as Co-Founder of the Bi-Partisan PORTS Caucus, or coming home nearly every weekend to connect with and provide services for her constituents, Rep. Janice Hahn has worked to break through the relentless gridlock in Washington and get things done for her district.

To view the ad, click here.

Below is a copy of the script:

While Washington is mired in gridlock, Janice Hahn works across party lines to get things done for our communities. Putting jobs and our neighborhood schools first. Increasing investment for job-training programs, helping local, small businesses grow here at home.  And no one worked harder to upgrade our port — Founding the PORTS Caucus, Janice Hahn worked to make LA and Long Beach international hubs for commerce, create jobs, improve air quality and increase Port security.  Janice Hahn.  Fighting for us.  I’m Janice Hahn and I approve this message.

“I’m not taking anything for granted in this race,” said Rep. Hahn. “I view this election as a opportunity to pay respect to and inform voters of what I’m doing to break through Washington’s gridlock to get things done. That’s why I’m running a real campaign, airing a television ad, sending out campaign mail, attending community events, and crisscrossing the district doing old-fashioned face-to-face campaigning.”

Rep. Hahn added, “Producing real results that improve local neighborhoods and coming home to connect with my constituents on a personal level, to hear their concerns and the issues they care about, are my chief priorities. Voters deserve to see and hear from their Representatives, and this television ad helps to illustrate what I’ve been working to accomplish on their behalf. I plan to continue to work hard to Get Out The Vote in the days ahead as we approach November 4th.”

Rep. Hahn’s re-election campaign began airing its television ad today on cable networks throughout the 44th Congressional district.

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Hahn Announces Support of Measure C, a $100 Million Dollar Education Bond Measure to Repair and Upgrade the El Camino College Compton Center

COMPTON, CA—Today, U.S. Representative Janice Hahn announced her support of Compton Community College District Bond Measure C.

“I am proud to endorse Measure C to help the El Camino College Compton Center,” said Rep. Hahn. “The Compton Center provides essential job training and workforce preparation in our community. Measure C will make sure that local residents looking to acquire 21st Century job skills and compete for good-paying jobs have access to an affordable college education and job training locally.”

Much of the Compton Community College District campus was built over 60 years ago with many buildings, classrooms, science labs and job training equipment that are deteriorating and outdated.  Measure C provides funds to address urgent and basic repairs such as upgrading electrical systems, gas and sewer lines, fixing leaky roofs, repairing bathrooms and replacing outdated plumbing and wiring to make our local college clean and safe for learning.

Rep. Hahn added, “We must make sure local community colleges can continue to provide quality, equitable education and job training that is affordable for local residents. “Measure C ensures the Compton Community College District can continue to provide local students with opportunities to earn college credits, certifications, and job skills at a reasonable cost.”

The Compton Community College District, in an effort to best serve the community, has assessed and evaluated the needs of its facilities. Repairs and upgrades are necessary in order to provide affordable, equitable quality education that prepares local students for good-paying jobs and transfer to four-year colleges or universities.

Voters in the Compton Community College District include residents of Compton, Lynwood, Paramount and Willowbrook, as well as portions of Athens, Bellflower, Carson, Downey, Dominguez, Lakewood, Long Beach, and South Gate.

Absentee ballots were mailed out the week of October 6. Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Residents can register to vote for the November 4 election online by visiting:

For more information about Measure C, visit

For additional information about Rep. Hahn’s re-election campaign, please visit:

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Breakwater must be repaired quickly to safeguard ports: Janice Hahn and Alan Lowenthal

Since it was built in the 1940s, the three-section federal breakwater stretching from San Pedro to Long Beach Harbor has protected the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, as well as the Long Beach coastline, from storms and the destructive waves they can generate.

Several weeks ago, a storm surge caused by Hurricane Marie inflicted a great deal of damage along the Southern California coast. The middle section of the breakwater, which sits directly in front of the Port of Long Beach, was hit especially hard. The powerful waves caused damage to numerous locations along the middle breakwater, including punching at least three large holes completely through. The holes led to further damage within the port from wave action and forced the closure of several cargo terminals during the storm surge.

The Army Corps of Engineers, who have responsibility over the breakwater, have been very proactive in assessing, categorizing and prioritizing the damaged areas.

The next step is repairing the damage.

While the holes in the breakwater remain unrepaired, further storm surges could cause not only further damage to the breakwater, but significant property damage to the port and economic damage to the region and nation by halting or slowing cargo operations.

The two ports combined make up the busiest container port complex in the Western Hemisphere, moving roughly $850 million worth of trade across their piers and wharves every day. Over 40 percent of the nation’s total import traffic and 27 percent of its total exports come through the San Pedro Bay ports.

Each day that the ports are closed, even partially, puts tremendous economic strain on thousands of Southern Californians, and hundreds of thousands of Americans across the nation, who depend directly on the ports for their livelihood.

This is why we sent a letter to Army Corps leadership on Sept. 10 that praised the Corps’ quick action in assessing the damage and emphasized the need for repairs to be made as quickly as possible. We will soon be meeting with Army Corps leadership to ensure there is a continued focus on this critical need.

By Janice Hahn and Alan Lowenthal



Powerhouse Labor Group Reaffirms Hahn’s Undisputed Status as a Warrior for Working Families

SAN PEDRO, CA– Rep. Janice Hahn has once again cemented her status as the best choice for working families, with the announcement today that the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor has endorsed her re-election campaign.

The endorsement from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor underscores Hahn’s close ties to the working class, and marks her enduring commitment to improving workplace standards, wages, and benefits for hard working men and women.

Long considered the ‘seal of approval’ from labor, today’s endorsement is a significant boon to Janice Hahn’s re-election campaign.

“I want to personally thank the L.A. County labor community for their unwavering support of my re-election campaign,” said Rep. Hahn. “This endorsement validates the career I have made championing many issues and progressive policies on behalf of those in need. The Fed’s endorsement is particularly meaningful to me because it signals that I am advancing the right priorities for working families.”

Rep. Hahn added, “Whether it’s pushing to increase the national minimum wage, reducing our nation’s growing income inequality, shrinking the growing gap between the rich and the poor, protecting Medicare and Social Security, taking care of our returning veterans, or investing more in our schools, I plan to continue working closely with my brothers and sisters in labor to address the many difficult challenges our nation faces in the years ahead.”

This endorsement will now go to the California Labor Federation for their final endorsement.

Founded in 1885, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor is the chartered Central Labor Council (CLC) of the AFL-CIO in Los Angeles County and is the second largest in the country, representing over 300 unions and hundreds of thousands of workers.

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