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Since being elected to the Los Angeles City Council in 2001, Congresswoman Janice Hahn has been a champion for the people. Following in the footsteps of her father, beloved County Supervisor Kenny Hahn, she is a courageous leader who provides a voice for those that most need to be heard.

Elected to the Charter Reform Commission in 1997, Janice helped move the city in a new direction. Because of her, Los Angeles now boasts a widely successful neighborhood council system–ensuring that community stakeholders have a say in local issues.

Janice has fought for change at the Port of Los Angeles. Working to protect and create good paying jobs on the docks, she has also been an advocate for clean air. Because of Janice, the impacts of port operations, from traffic to noise to pollution, have been significantly reduced. She spearheaded the program to move goods during off-peak hours. When everyone said it could not be done, she persisted. As a result of Janice’s leadership, more than 40% of goods are now moved during nights and weekends. More recently, she has been a vocal proponent of the Clean Trucks Program, which will cut pollution from trucks at the port by 80%.

Along with Mayor Jim Hahn, Janice was instrumental in the early development of the waterfront promenade in the Harbor Area. She has always believed that a grand promenade that stretches from the Vincent Thomas Bridge to the outer breakwater is essential to creating a world-class waterfront. Once completed, Los Angeles’ waterfront will be a source of good jobs and a tourist destination for visitors from all over the state, nation and world.

Janice has been the loudest voice in support of modernizing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). At her urging, LAX is currently undergoing an $4 billion renovation which includes the addition of new contact gates for the next generation of larger planes. Modernizing LAX is essential to keeping Los Angeles competitive and attracting both airlines and passengers—giving the tourism industry a much needed jolt.

When it comes to fighting gangs, Janice has been on the forefront of the battle to reduce gang violence in Los Angeles. She has been a longtime advocate of keeping kids from joining gangs through early prevention. Working closely with former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton and current LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, along with rank and file LAPD officers, she has worked diligently to reach every child in Los Angeles before they join gangs–through gang prevention, intervention, job training and after-school programs.

Janice has been a loyal champion in the fight to improve the quality of life for the working men and women of Los Angeles. She is proud to have walked the picket lines with the ILWU when they were locked out of the docks in 2002. She successfully fought to see that hotel workers along the Century Corridor near LAX received a fair living wage; implemented a system to provide quality family health care for workers at Los Angeles World Airports and has worked to transform truck drivers at the Port of Angeles from struggling, independent drivers into well-paid employee drivers. She has stood with airport workers, grocery workers, court interpreters, nurses, and others, in the struggle for good jobs. Janice strongly believes that there should never be a class of people termed the “working poor.” People who work hard should not be poor in Los Angeles.

Since her election to Congress in 2011, Janice has actively fought for more good paying, middle class jobs. She co-sponsored President Obama’s American Jobs Act, and founded the congressional PORTS Caucus to fight for jobs in Harbor Districts like the current 36th Congressional District and her new district, the 44th. She serves on the Committee on Small Business, and has been the only member of the House Committee on Homeland Security to be a member of the Out of Afghanistan Caucus.

A true champion for the people, Janice has accomplished so much since she was elected. She has continued to show unrelenting courage as a member Congress, and will never forget that she is there to represent you.